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What are Optelec's warranty conditions?

Please check out the warranty conditions with your local Optelec distributor, since differences between countries may occur. In general, the warranty conditions for Optelec’s product range are effective as of November 2007 for all internationally distributed products produced and developed by Optelec. Optelec warrants their products to be free of any defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years after purchase. Optelec reserves the right to repair or replace any purchased product with a similar or better product. Several products require regular servicing for optimal performance; this information is included in the User Manual of each product. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by transportation, accidents, natural disasters, vandalism, improper use, incorrect maintenance or repair through a non-authorized service center. This warranty also excludes those parts that are subject to wear. In no event shall Optelec or its distributors be liable for indirect or consequential damages. The original user’s remedies are limited to replacement of Optelec products. Optelec warranty is valid only when serviced in the country of original purchase and with intact seals. For additional warranty claims or service during or after warranty period, refer to Optelec’s head office. Optelec takes no responsibility for use of products other than described in the product’s respective User and Service Manuals. When returning a product you must put the RMA number on the outside box.

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