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Reading Aids for the visually impaired

There are many products that can assist you if you have some degree of vision loss. On our website you will find simple and effective solutions that can help you to perform your everyday activities, regain your independence and improve the quality of your life.

You will find the following main product categories. 

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Electronic Video Magnifiers

For people who need more than magnifying glasses Optelec offers Electronic Video Magnifiers. These products offer continuous magnification and high contrast images. The different type of Electronic Video Magnifiers help users to read letters, sort out mails, manage financial transactions, prepare meals, perform hobbies and more; the possibilities are endless. The Desktop Video Magnifiers can be used at home and work, while Handheld Video Magnifiers can be used on the go. The PC Compatible Video Magnifiers can be used in combination with a laptop or computer.
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Audio Text Readers

For people who find reading tiring, there are solutions that read text aloud. The Optelec Audio Text Readers scan and read any printed document using naturally sounding voices. There are more than 60 reading voices available in 30 languages, allowing you to select your preferred settings.
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Braille Computer Access

For Braille readers there are several Braille Devices that provide access to any computer, tablet or Smartphone. These Braille displays and notetakers can be easily connected to your computer giving you the possibility to be independent and flexible in the home and work environment. Portable Braille products can be connected to a smart phone and can be used anywhere, anytime.
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