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How do I activate JAWS?

JAWS runs in 40-minute mode until it is activated on your computer. Internet License Manager (ILM) allows you to quickly activate JAWS using the Internet. If you do not have an Internet connection, you can activate JAWS by telephone or fax. Alternatively, you can activate JAWS with the assistance of a trusted friend, relative, or organization that has access to the Internet.

  1. In the Activation dialog box, choose Start Activation.
  2. Read the message that displays and then use the ARROW keys to select Internet (RECOMMENDED), and then press ENTER.
  3. Insert the Authorization CD into your CD-ROM drive and choose Activate Using Authorization CD. You can find your Authorization CD in the bi-fold sleeve with your JAWS program DVD. If you do not have your Authorization CD, choose Enter Your Authorization Number Manually. If you have previously inserted your Authorization CD, you are not asked to insert it again. Continue to step 4 of the activation.
  4. If you used your Authorization CD, your 20-digit Authorization number is automatically inserted into the Authorization Number edit box. If your Authorization number is not shown, type it into the edit box. You can find your Authorization number in print and braille on your JAWS DVD sleeve.
  5. Press ENTER to continue. You will be asked to connect to the Internet if you have not already done so. You must establish an Internet connection before continuing with the activation.
  6. If you have not registered JAWS, you are asked to do so now. Registering JAWS lets you receive technical support. Choose Register Now and complete the online registration form by following the instructions provided. You can choose to register later, but you must register the next time you activate JAWS.
  7. After you submit your registration, Internet License Manager attempts to activate JAWS. This process may take several minutes. When the activation is successful, choose Finish.
    Note: If Internet License Manager cannot activate JAWS, you may need to reconfigure your firewall. Refer to the Activation Help for more information.

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